Spring Equinox and the Magic of Balance

"The world's in Winter
I feel the gloom
Frozen like Isa's rune" 
"Sunlight hides in candle flame
See Ostara return again."
These are some of my lyrics I wrote; a song called "My Lonely Soul." My Anam Cara, Manolis Paschalidis, recorded that song and put it on his album, 'Portrait.'
I'm in Australia and the Rites of Spring are here' particularly Ostara - the "Witches Easter." It's actually where the symbols eggs and rabbits originally come from: the ancient symbols of life and rebirth of Springtime.
Such a bright and beautiful day today as I write. Australian Spring season is very much in flux; bright one day, dark the next but the warmth of the sun becomes more prevalent. I can feel the warmth of this day; warm, a little lazy and quite sensual.
The Sun is fiery!
Even the Moon is on fire!
This Aries full moon joins with the power of the Spring/Autumn Equinox and the Libra sun.
The Cosmos is reminding us all is in balance; all is light and dark, fire and ice, strength and beauty, love and lust, justice and injustice, kind and cruel, action and inaction.
We are always at the centre of our intent and purpose; we are the creators of our lives and magic. We join with the Cosmos to make those seeds become the Harvest. The Harvest makes way for the tilled soil; ready to plant new seed and new sustenance. What changes will you make?
Another song of I wrote comes to mind for magical siblings of the Northern Hemisphere; "Silent Summer." A song of grief, endings, memory and release set to the rite of Samhain/All Hallows Eve/Halloween
"I thought of you today
The Summer Sun fades away
The season's end."
So what can we do with these vibes over the next few days?

Place your attention on what is meaningful to you and nurture it.
Release the old energy and transmute it.
Seeds planted in the dark of Winter become the bright blooms of Spring
Grow boldly! Shine!
Blessed be and may all be magical.


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