Changing the Narrative

Had a great counselling session that had me thinking how I project to the world. We can let the past colour our present. I was given a great question; let's look at the picture and see what is incomplete about it. The image represents you. I saw a white shell shaped vase full roses of featuring a  variety of many colours on top of a dark wood cabinet. As the image became more complete, I saw my complexities. The contrast of colours showing an omnivert. The dark cabinet showing all my memory and experiences are nearly stored and available if I ever need to reflect. I'm a gorgeous living still life of complex beauty.
Now how does that tie in with changing the narrative?
Easy; it's about context. I tend tend intellectually process but it's a good way to overthink my way into anxiety. This is where writing lyrics, poetry, singing and dancing comes in. It's a way of getting out of my head and ground myself in the present. A sensual approach; not necessarily that kind of sensual but more of the senses. More out of head and into heart and soul. As for the other kind of sensual? It had its place when moment arrives. Okay, let's keep it classy and move on... Back to narrative, confidence and creativity 
I'm by no means as popular as some of my friends who create content of various kinds but my art is worthy and valued. I forget those same people are working hard to give something of value to their fans, supporters and customers.
If you're proud of what you do, love it and show it off. Work hard and have fun while you create. This is the narrative I'm practicing and instilling in myself.
Yes, the numbers are awesome when but having a meaningful body of work that connects, is forever.
What part of your picture or narrative would change to see your worth?


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