Dear Intetnet Trolls, past and present

Five years ago, I experienced my first troll. I did a video; the man who became my Anam Cara saw it and messaged me directly.
Thank you, troll.
Over the years when I shared the times I was cyberbullied, you all rallied around me and held up a mirror to me.
Thank you troll.
I may not hear from all of you regularly but you make your input count. Thank you; troll, that includes you.
I see you good people and I love you.
Troll, I forgive you because you are as powerless to change yourself as I am to aid you to crawl from your own abyss.
I walk away from you knowing I am loved as much as you hate.
Through the love of kind, loyal and true hearts, near and far; I rise.
Eternal gratitude, gentle folk.


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