Talk and the Tao of Anxiety

Talk and the Tao of Anxiety

I want to wear makeup, be girly and playful
No one will take you seriously and think you’re stupid
I want to be taken seriously
Lighten up! Laugh; smile!
I want to dance and feel womanly
So you want to objectify yourself again?
I want to take care of myself
Don’t be selfish!
I want to be loved
Play by their rules and be approved
Who are you and why haven’t they told you who you are?
I want to be happy
You got me in a box here; I thought I was making you happy
No; although you are challenging me to no end
You’re welcome
So have you worked it out yet?
Err… not quite
Would you be as strong, loved and inspirational (trust me, you still are and always be,) if I didn’t make your life hell at times?
Now you have ME in a box
(wry giggles) remember the Tao?
Yeah; Yin/Yang, Dark/ Light, balance; ride the waves of shadow and light.
Are the halves within the whole symbol completely bright and completely dark on each half?
No; each has a bit of the other within its halves.
Is the symbol in two pieces or whole?
Whole; the symbol integrated as one and each side complimenting the other.
So, will you ever me rid of me?
I guess not.
Don’t despair; I can be of use if you are willing to challenge my cruelty by being kind and honest?
Challenge accepted.

Rebecca Tompkins
21 May 2018


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