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Solstice and the new Wheel

Today is the Summer Solstice and my first day of celebrating the Pagan/Wiccan Wheel of the Year in my own fashion. I've always leaned towards a simpler and more meditative expression of my faith with simple goals for the seasons;  more mindful process. Today is "The Day of Lights." A day where Christmas lights, slightly longer daylight and warmth abound before the axial turn and the next astronomical waypoint of Earths orbit. A day to contemplate what to you choose to burn away and what to you want act upon to stay bright and content. A day to be thankful for what you learned and what brought joy. A day to farewell to the trails of the past season; taking only what you learned about yourself forward. This will become the point of light with that will keep you strong in troubling times. So radiate, enjoy life and my your heart stay bright and warm. Solstice greetings to all.
Here's a small treat for you; my newest song that has touched many and reminder to love you to…

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