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Friends in good places.

I'm  ever grateful when friends share my music. Always a pleasure to see. Dave just blogged the links to not only myself but two other amazing artists that are close to my heart.
Click to see here

Got Windows? Get into the Groove.

Sing Whip Just found a place where you can get all the links in one place. Here's the links for the title track of Elemental Daughter.

Happy Sunday.

Oh what a Sunday! The journey of  the next album has begun. The first of two tracks has reached rehearsal stage. Hoping to record soon. Are you "ready to fall" with me into the 'liminal'? Time will tell.
Haveva great week.

Where to find me on Spotify

Just scannthe code and click follow. Add your faves to your playlists.

My Anam Cara and musical partner

A Turn Back Thrursday video for you.

And the recording begins...
Oh happy day! The first of two new tracks is in production.

New look channel

The new era has begun.

Dem Changes Though...

Well, the time's are a changin'.
I found myself emotionally disconnecting with the name Mum's the Witch over the past year and desired; felt disjointed. So a few weeks ago, I bit the bullet and changed all my social media in the best way to connect all aspects of me; not just the mother vlogger or the witch but ALL of me, woman, writer, singer, songwriter and creatrix of lyrical inspirations. How? What way to cover it all? Simple; with my name.
I feel much better for it.
Mum's the Witch continues as a title for my vlogs. Most of my URLs will change where possible or warrented but not too fussed either way. Whar matters is what you see when you click; all of me and what I am willing to share.
Hope I remember to blog here more.
Happy new week folks.