Listen to Liminal.wav by Rebecca Tompkins #np on #SoundCloud
My eternal thanks to all, especially my Anam Cara and collaborator,  Manolis Paschalidis.  Please, enjoy the song.

When it rains....

As you may or may not know most of this  year, I've been focused on creating my new album and personal growth; a slow and rewarding process for both. I'm happy to say production on TWO songs are under way. Just had to re-record some vocals for "Liminal" due to some peaking levels and rendering issues. Had the place to myself for a few hours and nailed it.  "Tell Me" will be the next track to get recorded. Good Lord! That may mean a music video too. Been a while. Feels like home to create again.

Friends in good places.

I'm  ever grateful when friends share my music. Always a pleasure to see. Dave just blogged the links to not only myself but two other amazing artists that are close to my heart.
Click to see here

Got Windows? Get into the Groove.

Sing Whip Just found a place where you can get all the links in one place. Here's the links for the title track of Elemental Daughter.

Happy Sunday.

Oh what a Sunday! The journey of  the next album has begun. The first of two tracks has reached rehearsal stage. Hoping to record soon. Are you "ready to fall" with me into the 'liminal'? Time will tell.
Haveva great week.